Which Blogging Niche In 2018?

I remember a lyric from a Kendrick Lamar song — “Time will never wait on no man, society will never hold your hand.”  So true, so true.

Choosing a blogging niche in 2018 can be extremely hard indeed. Go for a popular one and high authority websites will scare you off. Go for an unknown one and feel like selling oranges in the middle of a desert. (My analogies are bad but you get the picture.)

It’s a tricky line to walk on. As you can see, if you go toward any extreme, you will burn your hands and your investment money. Rather, you should play it smart.

First things first, forget about niche—and let’s start talking about markets. Right. Because you are into business and markets are what count, not some N-letter buzzword. That’s geek speak, by the way.

When you choose a market, you must focus on a few things (always):

A hungry audience with ongoing interest. No sales, no business, and…no buyers, no sales. You can pretty much make out what I am trying to say. You need a rabid audience, large enough in number, ready to bite at your products, not just this one but every product that you intend to offer.

Ability to afford high-end products. How will your audience buy anything from you if they don’t have money? If your audience are five-year-old kids, it’s cute but do you think they will be able to shell out a hundred bucks on a board game? Mind your target audience.

Interest in education on the subject. Just a passing interest to read about a topic is different from seeking solution to a problem. There’s a tipping point where a mere want becomes a need. You need to target ‘needs’ and enwrap it with ‘wants’. Savvy? For example, if your niche is freelance writing, target freelance writers because they NEED to learn new tricks of the trade every day.

Mature social presence. In this digital age, peer reviews matter. Words of mouth are gold currencies for your business. If you give your product away for free, no worries. If it is good enough, it will earn gold currencies of its own. However, it becomes exponentially bigger if the market has a strong social presence, i.e. people connect over Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest on the issue.

Quality of competition. Last but not least, always mind your competition. Unless you meet the minimum market standard, you are not in business. You have to cater to a particular ‘want’ that fulfills the underlying need before anyone else does. Look for a gap and position your business there. Simple.

Having said all this, my suggestion is to go for the most popular niches and find an unserved or underserved sub-sub-niche within that. This might be the best strategy to choosing a niche for blogging in 2018.

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