“I went on vacation for so long that I have basically forgotten how to clean my house well least that’s what I’m telling people [Music]

Hey guys I’m Alison welcome back to my channel if you’re new here I create videos to help women build a powerful blogging business not just a hobby blog but an actual business so if you’re interested in that kind of thing be sure to hit the subscribe button because I post new videos every single week and my blog in doing course is opening soon we only open the doors four times a year so if you’re interested be sure to check out this link before the doors closed again whether you are a new or seasoned blogger can be really easy to fall into some blogger traps and in this video in particular I’m going to be talking about the biggest mistake I see people make whether or not they’ve been blogging for five years or five minutes I see a lot of bloggers do this and I just want to stop them in their tracks and say that’s doing that it it’s not going to get you anywhere and let me help you just just sit down let’s have some coffee and talk about this blogging can be really lonely because most of the time we’re by ourselves right so maybe you do some meetups or you go to conferences I know that I like to do a lot of one-on-one coaching with my students but most of the time I’m RELIGIOUS by myself and I know that you’re by yourself too and what happens is you can just kind of get in your head and obsess and sometimes you’re obsessing about the right things like helping people or creating an even better product to change people’s lives and sometimes you can be obsessing about the wrong thing so let’s talk about my major pet peeve with bloggers and the things that I see them doing that can really really hurt their business in the long run the biggest mistake I see bloggers make is obsessing about their page views and their page views only now stop for just a second don’t leave this video because I know you’re looking at me like okay so she’s officially crazy I’m not going to follow her advice anymore because page views are important yes I agree with you page views are extremely important but I see a lot of people just focus on the page view and the page view only so let’s say for example you’re getting a hundred thousand page views a month that’s great but let’s say that you also have a product or an email course or something that you’re offering about a certain subject are those hundred thousand page views that you’re bringing in are they going to be interested in that subject or that product that you’re working on because if they’re not and that’s not prime pageviews you want the best kind of pageviews and the best readers and those best readers they’re interested in what you have to offer so don’t write about 20 different niches because then you’re going to have 20 different sources 20 different kinds of pageviews that could be coming your way write blog posts about the products that you have are surrounding the topic of the product that you have utilize the traffic and potential customers that you already have coming to you so try to grow your blog try to get the pageviews but don’t just do that utilize what you already have so maybe you get a hundred page views a month or a thousand page views a month if you work really hard and you ensure that your blog is working seamlessly from beginning to end I’m talking every single blog post that you write every single subscriber incentive that you put up every single video that you make make sure that it all works together seamlessly that way you can get the best conversions you possibly can and even if you’re only getting a thousand page views a month those page views are rock awesome and you’re going to get more sales or get more email conversions that way so as you walk away from this video I want you to take with you that while it is important to focus on page views obviously you have to have people visiting your site it shouldn’t be the only thing that you’re paying attention to and you certainly should not be obsessing about it every single day that’s just going to stress you out it’s not going to help anybody so don’t do that for this video I’m going to leave you with a challenge and that challenge is for the next seven days I don’t want you to check your google analytics don’t cheat and check your WordPress jetpack or wherever you might have statistics don’t even look at the numbers of pageviews or visitors or users or anything like that just ignore it all remove yourself from that bubble and instead use the next seven days to really focus on subscriber incentives and products that you might want to create to help your customers or to help your audience even if you don’t join this challenge when this video goes live while I’m doing it you certainly can start the challenge any time throughout the year and I do that periodically if I feel stressed and I’m getting in my head and I’m just freaking out I need more people I need more people I just step away from my statistics and I don’t look at them for least seven days thanks so much for watching this video guys I hope you enjoyed it as always I’m Alison Lindstrom and I will see you next time bye” [Music]

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