Yet another blog for bloggers but still different nonetheless.

broblogger.NET (bb.NET), born in 1997, is a private initiative to bring about a little honesty and transparency in the blogging world. Too much false information floating around, misguiding gullible newbie bloggers.

“buy this and earn $10k per month!”

“this 4-hours per week course will change everything!”

“world’s no 1 blogging course for FREE!”

The list goes on.

bb.NET was born to eradicate evil from the blogging world and show the way to fellow bloggers. Why? Because it is built by a simple blogger himself. He has bore the brunt of this painful yet life-changing journey and intends to disseminate his years of experience and knowledge to his fellow mates.

“Oh okay, he is one of them. He will now talk about his course.” Wondering much? Don’t.

This blog is really not about selling stuff.

Yes, it will definitely contain honest and unbiased recommendations, products or services that has helped me but no get-rich-quick schemes to dupe you. In fact, if you are a lover of such schemes, you may as well take your leave.

The proof is always in the pudding.

Go through the blog. Enjoy it or hate it, let me know through the Contact page. Your feedback is always welcome.

If you are a blogger, it’s highly likely that you are an enterprising individual. You love writing and you love teaching others. If so, you will understand the true motive behind bb.NET.

The question is, whether bb.NET succeeds in that or not.